Associate Director, Laboratory Infrastructure 

Associate director Jay Fox
Jay Fox, associate director of laboratory infrastructure

Jay W. Fox, PhD

Phone: 434.924.0050

For 33 years, Fox has served the UVA Health in a variety of research capacities. He currently serves on the Cancer Center leadership team as associate director for research infrastructure. Additionally, Fox is chair of the School of Medicine’s Research and Development Committee and professor of microbiology, immunology and cancer biology.

The Fox Laboratory, named in honor of Fox, is interested in defining the role the extracellular matrix of the host (organisms and tissues that provide structure and support to the surrounding cell) plays in transformation, tumor development, invasion and growth and developing therapeutic interventions to disable these activities. Researchers in the Fox Laboratory work primarily in melanoma and breast cancer and have an interest in the molecular structure and risk of women with dense breasts for breast cancer.

Outside the hospital, Fox enjoys backpacking, hiking and sailing.