PIECES Iris Technology: Community Health Collaboration

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A number of community and healthcare organizations have adopted a shared platform, PIECES Iris™. This tool helps healthcare organizations connect patients with community groups that address the social, economic, and behavioral factors that affect people’s health. Improving these aspects of a person’s life leads to better health outcomes.

By coming together around shared goals for a patient, organizations both in and outside healthcare can support all the pieces that make up a person’s life.

How to Get Involved

Want to participate? If you represent a local community organization, you can sign up to be included in the resource directory.

Want to make referrals with PIECES Iris? Email the Office of Community Partnerships for details.

Questions? Read the PIECES Iris FAQs.

The Factors of Health

Your health depends on more than just medical issues. A number of factors (sometime called “social determinants”) impact how healthy you are, including if you have:

  • Enough to eat
  • Access to healthy food
  • A stable, safe place to stay
  • Reliable transportation and work
  • Clean air, water, surroundings
  • Available places to be physically active
  • Social support
  • Education opportunities
  • Experienced bias, discrimination, legal inequity

These and other social determinants of health account for about 80% of your health and wellness. 

The Benefits of Joining PIECES Iris

PIECES Iris allows organizations to see the whole picture of a person’s well-being. Organizations can combine efforts, share information and collaborate on a shared approach to meeting a person’s needs.

Pieces Iris makes this happen through:

  • Integration with electronic medical records
  • A referral directory with current information
  • Private, secure technology

Extending Care Beyond the Hospital Setting

With PIECES Iris, people can get the help they need beyond the clinical setting.

Through this tool:

  • Hospital social workers share information with local Social Services in a controlled manner, and vice-versa
  • Healthcare providers identify a patient’s social needs and adjust treatments accordingly
  • Healthcare and community navigators gain insight into the complete needs and services of individuals to ensure they’re receiving optimal care

Local Community Participants

These organizations make up our local PIECES Iris group:

  • Central Virginia Health Services, Inc. 
  • Charlottesville Free Clinic
  • Jefferson Area Board for the Aging
  • Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry
  • On Our Own
  • Partner for Mental Health 
  • Piedmont Virginia Community College – Network2Work 
  • Region Ten Community Service Board
  • Thomas Jefferson Area Coalition for the Homeless 
  • Thomas Jefferson Health District
  • United Way – Thomas Jefferson Area
  • UVA Health

This group meets monthly, facilitated by the Center for Nonprofit Excellence.