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The COVID-19 pandemic remains a fluid situation. At UVA Health, we've been on the frontlines since the beginning. Nurses, researchers, doctors: We've all been doing our part to halt the virus. This effort is part of our longstanding commitment to provide care you can count on.

Giving Vaccinations

Anyone over 5 years old can get vaccinated at UVA Health. You don't have to be a patient or even live in the area. Vaccines are free. Schedule an appointment for yourself or your child through MyChart or by calling 434.297.4829.

Learn more about our prevention efforts.

Screening at Entrances

We've established patient and visitor screenings at all our facilities.

Maintaining Special Treatment Areas

COVID-19 patients get further evaluation, testing, and isolated care in special treatment areas. 

We’re also testing all patients staying in the hospital and some patients getting certain procedures. Patients with COVID-19 staying in the hospital are cared for in our separate, new hospital tower. We’re also seeing patients with COVID-19 symptoms in dedicated clinics.

Providers can refer patients for antibody treatment.

Restricting Access 

We've restricted visitor access to the hospital and our clinics to protect patients and visitors. See the updated visitor guidelines.

Staff that can work remotely are doing so. And we've restricted business visits, volunteers, and other kinds of visitors, too.

Testing Hospital Patients

All patients admitted to stay in the hospital are tested for COVID-19. This allows us to care for you while keeping you, your family, and our team members safe. There is no cost for a test if you're staying in the hospital.

Questions? See the hospital testing FAQs.

Requiring Protective Equipment

All patients and visitors are issued masks when entering our facilities. We continue to ensure our team members wear personal protective equipment (PPE) in accordance with Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and industry best practices.

Collaborating with Other Experts

We continue to collaborate closely with the Virginia Department of Health and the CDC. We'll coordinate our actions with our public health partners.

Test Development & Research

Our researchers are doing everything they can to address the coronavirus outbreak. That includes working on a vaccine and investigating potential treatments. 

COVID-19 Test: Developed

We've developed our own rapid testing for COVID-19. This will speed up our ability to test people with symptoms. Knowing who has the coronavirus is a critical step to slowing its spread.

Only a healthcare provider can decide if you need to get tested. Contact your primary care provider or local clinic if you're having symptoms.

Testing the Community

If you think you need a COVID-19 test, call your primary care provider or clinic. They'll ask a few screening questions and help you decide if you need to be tested. 

There are several options for getting a COVID-19 test. You can get tested by UVA Health at one of our clinics or sign up for a free test from the Virginia Department of Health

Investigating Coronavirus Treatments

Our scientists are working with their colleagues all over the country to research several potential treatments. We’ve already found that one drug, remdesivir, helps patients recover faster.  

Researchers are also testing the effectiveness of using plasma from recovered patients as a treatment for people hospitalized with COVID-19.