Individual Diabetes Coaching Sessions

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Our dietitians and nurses give you the kind of special attention you need to manage your diabetes.

Personal Visits

We spend 30 minutes to an hour in one-on-one visits with you — the kind of time most doctors can't give you. 

In these individual sessions, we:

  • Work with you to identify your goals and how you want to reach them
  • Provide medical nutrition therapy — developing a diet to meet your unique situation
  • Outline possible exercise and lifestyle choices
  • Create a plan of care coordinated with your doctor
  • Teach you how to manage your insulin, monitoring your blood sugar and record-keeping for your doctor
  • Monitor your test results
  • Conduct foot exams

Setting Goals

With our support, in a positive atmosphere, you'll have the chance to set goals that are:

  • Gradual
  • Realistic
  • Integrated into your daily life
  • Flexible