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Endocrine Conditions

Issues with the endocrine system can last a lifetime. That's why choosing doctors who will be with you for the long term will make the difference not just for your condition, but for your whole life. 

Hormone-related diseases we treat include:


When you have diabetes, you need special attention and support to help you manage your health for the rest of your life. Our special clinics and support programs ensure that your needs as a diabetes patient will be addressed.

Gland Disorders

Glands create hormones, which regulate growth. Endocrine disorders stem from hormone imbalances in the following glands.

Adrenal Glands

We provide care for a number of adrenal problems, including hormone excess conditions, hormonal causes of high blood pressure and adrenal gland tumors.

Pituitary Glands

Our unique, world-renowned program combines top experts from several medical disciplines for quick, comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of pituitary tumors at the UVA Neurosciences and Behavioral Health Center.

We also treat hypopituitarism.

Thyroid Glands 

Watch this video about Dr. Crook

 Watch Meg Crook, MD, talk about how we 
diagnose and treat thyroid nodules at UVA.

Parathyroid Glands

Learn about endocrine treatments and surgery

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