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Imaging Tests & Treatments

fluoroscopy is just one of the many types of imaging scans offered at UVA
Fluoroscopy is just one of the many types of imaging scans offered at UVA.

We provide a full range of diagnostic and minimally invasive imaging treatments. 

Types of Imaging Exams


The most common imaging technique, X-rays:

  • Use a small amount of radiation
  • Produce pictures of the internal structures of your body
  • Are used to locate bone fractures, foreign objects, injury or infection

Read more about X-rays

CT Scans

Computed Tomography, CT or CAT scans:

  • Combine X-ray scans to produce cross-sectional or 3D images
  • Shows surgeons exactly where to operate
  • Make clearer and more detailed images than X-rays do
  • Are used to diagnose a range of issues, including cancer, bowel obstruction, brain disorders, more

Learn more about CT scans.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRIs:

  • Use radio waves and a strong magnetic field, not radiation
  • Produce very detailed, clear images
  • Are used to evaluate tumors and diseases of the liver, heart and bowel and to examine the brain and spine
  • May not be suitable if you have any type of metal in your body

Learn more about MRIs.


Ultrasounds, or sonograms:

  • Use sound waves, not radiation
  • Are commonly used to examine pregnant women and children
  • Often produce clearer images of soft tissue than X-rays


This imaging procedure:
  • Uses X-rays 
  • Creates real-time movies by passing continuous beams through your body
  • Shows details of moving body parts, dyes or instruments 
Learn about different types of fluoroscopy.


Mammograms come in two forms:

  • Screening mammograms, low-dose X-rays that can detect breast cancer
  • Diagnostic mammograms, which examine masses discovered in a screening mammogram

Fnd out which type of mammogram best suits you.

Bone Density Test (DEXA)

Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) helps determines if you have osteoporosis by measuring the density of your bones. 

Digestive Tract Radiology Exams

We have a range of procedures for diagnosing gastrointestinal disease.

Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS)

This technology produces images that show the metabolism of brain tumors, seizures, dementia and stroke, using equipment that requires a special, highly complex facility.

Positron Emission Tomography (PET)

PET scans employ the latest technology to show metabolic activity in your body's tissue. PET/CT scans combine PET and CT scans in a single machine, yielding information about metabolism and anatomy in a single exam.

Specialty Imaging

Learn more about our imaging specialties.

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We don't schedule X-rays, but offer them on a walk-in basis only. 


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