Referrals to the Transitional Care Hospital

Refer a Patient

Better Options for Long-Term Acute Care

When you refer a patient to UVA’s Transitional Care Hospital, you can do so with confidence. UVA has a reputation for clinical excellence, and the addition of long-term acute care services only furthers our ability to provide the best care we can to all patients.

As a facility dedicated to long-term acute care, we face fewer limitations in treating complex conditions. We can provide patients with the attention and specialized services (vent weaning, wound management) that may be difficult to sustain long-term in a standard ICU setting. Referring your patients here not only serves the patient better but often proves more fiscally responsible for you.

Admission and Communications

A case management team reviews and screens each admission. This process helps hospital discharge planners determine the best solution for patients, even those who are difficult to place. We inform you of your patient’s status and outcome so that you may maintain that relationship.

TCH Facility and Services

Our building's features include:

  • 40 beds, all private rooms
  • 11 bariatric rooms
  • 12 dialysis-plumbed rooms, three of which are for bariatric patients
  • Two negative airflow isolation rooms
  • Telemetry access throughout facility, with 20 monitored beds
  • Comprehensive laboratory services
  • On-site imaging services, MRI, CT, ultrasound and diagnostic exams
  • Point of care testing (POCT)
  • Pharmacy and therapeutic drug monitory
  • Ventilator weaning and management
  • Wound management
  • Extended IV antibiotic therapy
  • Multidisciplinary care team