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Nourishing Resilience

What is Nourishing Resilience (NR)?

Nourishing Resilience is based on an educational self-regulation system called Emotional Brain Training (EBT). It was originally developed for weight management by Laurel Mellin RD, PhD. Nourishing Resilience (NR) is a mind-body intervention that addresses the stress response at the root of most health and wellness issues, including obesity. The program teaches individuals to manage stress and live a healthy lifestyle with techniques based on neuroscientific research. Participants learn to:

  • Interrupt and identify their brain states (1-5) joyful balance at “one” (1) to highly stressed at brain state “five” (5).
  • Tools to practice in each of the 5 brain states so you can move back to joyful balance more easily and quickly
  • Tools to enhance internal sense of sanctuary and external harmony in relationships with others 

The Basic Concepts

Nourishing Resilience is based on four scientific elements:

  • Attachment theory 
  • Recent findings in neurobiology such as how to train neurons and brain pathways for healthy balance, happiness & greater wellbeing
  • Stress science
  • Mind-body methods of self-regulation

NR training is a guide or set of tools useful in changing your brain's automatic reactions, providing:

  • A systematic approach that favors balance and joy instead of the effects of stress
  • Interruption of the chronic stress response (For many people this carries a benefit of improved mood, emotional resilience, and enhanced wellbeing)
  • Skills to self-soothe with less reliance on overeating, over-spending and other stress-related excesses 
  • A framework for working with all three parts of your brain, from the initial impulse or emotion through to effective thoughts and behavior

Getting Started with NR


First, attend an information-orientation and learn one of the key skills of the method, called a “check in.” We offer an in-person orientation every 6-8 weeks. 

You’ll meet others who are considering the same training and learn one to two of the skills from the six-week series. We’ll also share a brief history of the method, information about how to build a balanced circuit, the usual pattern of a stress circuit, and ways to interrupt and redirect the stress circuit. This group experience will give you the opportunity to decide if this training is right for you.

  • Advance registration is required.
  • The cost is $20 for a 1.25 hour introductory session or no charge for UVA Aetna insured UVA employees or covered spouses.
  • You can reserve your spot by calling 434.243.4749.

The Program

Decide if it is right for you and enroll in in the NR-Nourishing Resilience Basics class.  for class availability and enrollment.

Nourishing Resilience Basics (NR) 

This short course meets for one and one-half hours for six or seven weeks. These are small group trainings of, generally, four to eight people. During that time, you'll learn the basics of how to process stress effectively and more rapidly achieve a state of balance and well-being. Preventative nutrition guidance and exercise guidelines for brain fitness and body balance are also included.

This popular short course gives participants a strong basic training in Nourishing Resilience. This is the foundation course that we build on for intermediate or advanced NR class series. We have been offering this course at the University of Virginia since 2006.


Class tuition: $234 

Workbook fee: $44

Intermediate or Advanced NR  

If you are interested in continuing NR training, you can take classes that build on the NR Basics course. Intermediate or Advanced NR training strengthens your capacity to use the NR cycle tool so that you can restore a healthy state of balance more and more quickly. Intermediate NR training is necessary to work with survival circuits. These six progressive courses can help you acquire, practice and solidify the NR tools of stress resilience so that they are permanently available to you. As with other mind-body skills, such as yoga or mindfulness-based stress reduction, regular practice of these skills builds the benefits.


Class tuition:  $235 for non-UVA employees; some employees may have this cost covered via insurance. 4 person minimum/class. 

Workbook fee:  $35 for workbooks 1-6

Other Training Options

Some people elect to take Nourishing Resilience training individually or in a pair, couple or work group. Cost may vary under these circumstances.

Sign Up for a Class

If you have questions or would like to register for an orientation session, call 434.243.4749 or

We accept cash, check and credit/debit card. Partial payments are also available.

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