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Pregnancy-Related Complications

While most pregnancies develop as expected and result in a healthy mother and child, complications do occur.

At UVA, we have experts to help you throughout your pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

Pregnancy loss includes:

During pregnancy, women can be diagnosed with these conditions:

Delivery challenges could include:

After delivery, women can develop:

Genetic Counseling

Find out if you should seek genetic counseling and learn about the tests available during your pregnancy in this overview of genetic counseling and testing.

Do You Have a High-Risk Pregnancy?

We offer expert, advanced treatments for women with high-risk pregnancies through our Maternal and Fetal Medicine Clinic.

Gestational Diabetes

Why do you get diabetes when you're pregnant?

Does it mean your pregnancy is high risk?

Get the answers to all your questions about gestational diabetes.

Twins & Multiples

Why does being pregnant with twins or triplets or more cause you to be considered high-risk? 

This infographic on multiples breaks it down. 

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Complications & Conditions

Dealing with High Risk

What is a high-risk pregnancy? How do you know if you have one? 

This must-read article gives you a brief overview of what it means to have a high-risk pregnancy.


Pregnancy & Infant Loss

Find support for your loss: Pregnancy loss, miscarriage, still birth or infant loss. Join us to remember and grieve. 

When: Thursdays, monthly, 7-8:30 p.m.

Where: 3rd Floor Lounge, Battle Building, UVA Children's Hospital

Free parking, light refreshments.

For more information, call 434.243.2617.