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Lung Treatments

Advanced Approaches to Lung Diseases

At UVA, you’ll find the latest, most advanced treatments for your lung condition.

Our Respiratory Specialties 

We provide special treatments and procedures for:

Ready for treatment or a second opinion? Find a pulmonary clinic now.

Sleep Disorders

Our world-reknowned experts in sleep medicine, including sleep physicians, behavioral medicine specialists, dentists and surgeons work includes a robust pediatric sleep program. 

Find relief. Get help with your sleeping problems.

Respiratory Diagnostics and Treatments

These procedures can accurately diagnose and treat a number of conditions:

Pulmonology Procedures

Our doctors have undergone extra training in order to perform a range of new procedures for diagnosis and treatment, including:

  • Brachiotherapy
  • Cryotherapy
  • Endobronchial ultrasound
  • Laser therapy
  • Noninvasive lung biopsies
  • Rigid bronchoscopy
  • Stents
  • Thermoplasty

Collaboration in Lung Care

We work with experts across the Health System to offer you the most advanced care possible. We treat:

Lung Transplants

We offer the largest lung transplant program in Virginia. With one-year survival rates at nearly 90 percent, our success rates meet or exceed national benchmarks.

Read more data about our lung transplant program.

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