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Preparing for Surgery

We know that surgery can be a difficult experience for you and your family, and we do our best to make sure you're comfortable and confident throughout the process.

Getting Ready for Surgery: How-To Handbooks

Find out what you need to bring and do to prepare for:

When will I meet my anesthesiologist?

You will meet the anesthesiologist in the surgical admissions suite. All concerns such as the type of anesthesia, pain management during recovery and allergies can be discussed at this time.

Where will I store my belongings?

A bag will be provided for your personal belongings, such as clothes. These will be given to your family. If no family is available, any valuables will be placed within hospital security, while clothes will be sent to the recovery room for your arrival.

May I bring my children to the area?

By hospital policy, children under the age of twelve are not permitted in the surgical admission suite or the recovery room due to infection control issues.

Is it necessary for someone to be with me upon discharge?

Patients are discharged from the hospital with a responsible adult. You will have received medications that cause sedation and impair your judgment. Being discharged with a responsible adult will prevent unnecessarily placing others and yourself at risk. We ask that you do not drive, operate machinery or make important business decisions for 24 hours.

Will my family accompany me to the operating room?

The perioperative areas are restricted to patient care. One visitor will be allowed to accompany you to the surgical admissions suite. No visitors are allowed in the operating room. With the exception of parents of children, no visitors are allowed in the recovery room.

Can I be with my child who is having surgery?

If the patient is eighteen years or younger, both parents may accompany their child to the surgical admissions suite and to the recovery room. When the anesthesiologist puts your child asleep, you may be present to decrease your child's anxiety.

How long will I be in the recovery room?

This varies depending upon your previous medical health, type of anesthesia and pain management. The family lounge staff can assist the family with inquiries as to your progress in the operating or recovery room.

Will I see my surgeon before my surgery begins?

A registered nurse will prepare you for surgery by reviewing your history, helping you properly dress, beginning an IV and introducing you to your anesthesiologist. You can meet with your surgeon if you have additional concerns not addressed in your presurgical evaluation.

What do I need to remove before surgery?

You will need to remove:

  • Wedding rings
  • Jewelry, including body piercings
  • Glasses
  • Dentures
  • Underwear