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Trauma & Emergency Surgery

At UVA, our surgical critical care and trauma teams handle some of the most complex cases in the state.

We offer a comprehensive team-based approach to complex surgical care. Each of our surgeons has additional training in critical care and is qualified to handle even the most difficult cases. Surgical emergencies involving our critical care and trauma surgeons may also require the expertise of other specialists.

Who Needs Trauma Surgery?

UVA is one of five level-one trauma centers in Virginia. We usually see patients with serious injuries, often in vehicle accidents. Patients who have suffered accidental abdominal catastrophes at other medical centers also come to UVA for emergency surgery.

Our patients often come to us from our Emergency Department.

Emergency General Surgery

Our emergency team cares for patients who require a variety of emergency surgical procedures or have conditions that are likely to require emergency surgery in the future. Conditions that may call for emergency surgery include:

  • Tears of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Complex skin infections
  • Acute appendicitis
  • Infections of the liver and bile ducts
  • Bowel obstructions

Post-operative Care

Even if our surgeons didn't perform the surgery, we may help to coordinate your recovery. Because of the complex nature of many surgeries performed at UVA, you may need additional coordinated care from our trauma specialists.