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A Life-Changing Heart Transplant

At UVA, we’ve performed more than 300 heart transplants since 1989, making us the top heart transplant center in Virginia.

Our experience extends from the very youngest patients (6 days) to the oldest (73 years). And survival statistics for our heart transplant program meet or exceed national averages.

When you come to UVA, you’ll have a team of doctors, transplant coordinators, social workers, financial counselors and more working to ensure you receive the best care possible.

Our primary goal is to improve your quality of life.

The transplant team’s reputation brought Leanna Davis to UVA. Born with a defective heart valve, Leanna’s need for a new heart grew critical over time.

Based on the transplant team’s reputation, Leanna chose UVA.

“I tell everybody that UVA is the place to be if you need good treatment,” she says. “They all seem to really care and give the best care that they can.”

During the three-year wait for a donor, the team gave Leanna constant encouragement. Their ingenuity provided her a new heart, and their dedication touched it.