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Kidney Living Donations

UVA Transplant Center Wins Award

Our transplant center has won the 2015 National Kidney Registry Excellence in Teamwork Award for participation in the country's largest living paired donor exchange for kidney transplants.

We performed our first living kidney donation at UVA in May 1969. Living donors can include relatives, friends, coworkers, spouses or anonymous donors.

Since 1998, we have offered living donors the option of laparoscopic surgery, which involves the use of a small video camera and very thin surgical tools, allowing the surgeon to use very small incisions to remove the kidney. This approach, although not suitable for all patients, offers shortened recovery time and wound healing.

We also perform living donor transplants even when the donor and recipient are blood type-incompatible or recipients are “cross match positive.” These are types of transplants that in the past could not be done.

What Does Living Donation Require?

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