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Heart Transplant Surgery

The Heart Transplant Procedure

Our surgical team removes the donor heart from the donor patient. Because of the difficulty of preserving the heart muscle, hearts must be transplanted within four hours of removal.

The surgical team then removes the recipient’s heart and attaches the new heart to the major blood vessels and to the right atrium and left atrium of the recipient's native heart.

Your Hospital Stay

A new life with a transplanted organ begins in the hospital, right after the transplant operation. The average hospital stay for a heart transplant patient is 7 to 14 days.

During the hospital stay, we'll carefully monitor you, train you on self-care and help you get started with the medications you'll need to protect your heart from rejection.

Learn what to expect after a heart transplant.

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LVADs a New Option

A Heart Transplant Alternative

The newer generation LVAD used at UVA is the smallest pump used in the United States. These LVADs are for patients with end-stage heart failure and can last for three to five years. Patients can go home with these devices rather than stay in hospital.

LVADs also allow critically ill patients to undergo other procedures that they might otherwise be too sick to tolerate.

Find out more about LVADs.