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UVA Pegasus Observer Application

Thank you for your interest in our ride-along program.

Which Pegasus Critical Care Transport service do you want to observe?  

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Do you have any medical condition that may impact your ability to fly with Pegasus  

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Acknowledgement of Risks and Statement of Confidentiality I request to participate in the University of Virginia "Ufly" ride-along program with Pegasus. I have been advised of and understand the risks and dangers associated with participation in this emergency air/ground medical program. Nonetheless, I assume the inherent risks by voluntarily participating in the ride-along Program. I agree to abide by all rules and regulations applicable to the ride-along Program. I understand and agree that patient confidentiality is to be maintained at all times. I also understand and agree that at no time will I provide direct patient caring during my participation in the Ride-along Program, unless, as an attending physician, I am requested to do so by the flight nurse/paramedic. I further verify, that I have no medical condition that would in any way interfere with the ability of the crew or program to provide patient care or complete a mission. CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT: As a ride-a-long participant, who will be observing at the University of Virginia Medical Center and Pegasus Program, it is important for you to understand that patients have the right to privacy and confidentiality. You must respect the rights of our patients and must not discuss any names or personal information which you may learn about a patient as you observe the program.
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