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Pelvic Floor Disorders & Surgery


From a variety of non-surgical treatments to the latest robotic-assisted laparoscopic and other surgical procedures — you can be confident that all of the care you need is right here, all in one place.

We treat these conditions that affect a woman's pelvic floor:

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) is a protocol we follow to help care for you before, during and after surgery. You're actively involved your own recovery process. 

ERAS helps you:

  • Recover sooner
  • Leave the hospital faster 
  • Have fewer complications after surgery

What is ERAS?

Components of ERAS include:

  • Pain management: We create a personalized pain management plan for you limit your opioid (narcotic) use.
  • Early mobility and feeding: The sooner you’re eating and able to move normally, the sooner you can go home. 
  • Preoperative Gatorade: Drinking Gatorade prior to the operation will help your body get the energy it needs to be ready for surgery. 
  • Fluid management: We will only give you as much IV fluid as you need to prevent fluid overload and bloating after surgery.

Download the ERAS patient handbooks for urogynecologic surgery (PDF) and benign gynecologic surgery (PDF).

ERAS Patient Checklist

We will give you a checklist to track your surgery recovery progress. This will help you track, monitor and manage your recovery, allowing us to collaborate with you on finding what works best for your specific needs. 

View and download the ERAS gynecology surgery checklist (PDF).

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