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Remote Registration

On the day of the appointment, call us from your vehicle in the parking lot to register over the phone. You also have the option to pay your copay with a credit card or MyChart during this call. If we need a copy of your insurance card or a signature, we’ll ask you to stop by the desk before leaving your appointment.

When our staff is ready for the patient, we’ll call you to inform you, and you can come into the clinic for your appointment.

Getting a Mammogram: The Basics

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Mammograms use low-dose X-rays to take a picture of breast tissue. A mammogram helps doctors find and diagnose breast cancer. It can also show the size and location of a lump before a biopsy or surgery.

When Should You Get a Mammogram?

Current recommendations advise you to, at ages:

Mammograms & Breast Cancer Screening

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If you're a woman, you have a 1 in 8 chance of getting breast cancer. You can manage this risk. Do self breast exams and get regular mammograms. You can also see the breast cancer screening experts at UVA Health. We'll make sure you get the right type of screening for your personal risk level and needs.

Mammograms save lives. The sooner you get to breast cancer, the better your odds of survival.

Contrast-Enhanced Mammograms

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If you have dense breast tissue or a high breast cancer risk, you need accurate, fast screening. With contrast-enhanced mammograms (CEM), we can discover cancers before standard mammograms.

CEM can feel like getting a regular mammogram. You'll get X-rays and feel some pressure. What makes CEM different is that before the imaging, you get an injection. We give you contrast dye through an IV.

Why Mammograms Matter

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You have so many reasons NOT to get a mammogram. You're scared. It's stressful to find the time and energy to fit it into your life.

But it matters. Because you matter. Getting a mammogram means you're protecting yourself and everyone who depends on you. And it shows the young people in your life what good self-care looks like.

What's Keeping You From Getting a Mammogram?

We know things get in the way of your health. We've got you.