Population Health & Cancer Outcomes Core (PHCOC)

Formerly known as the Cancer Control Core, the Population Health and Cancer Outcomes Core (PHCOC) was established in 2014 within the UVA Cancer Center, and provides research support to cancer researchers at the University to conduct rigorous cancer population-based research. The Core provides expert advice and support in two main areas: 

How to Request Services

To request Core services, please fill out this service request form.

Beginning July 1, 2019, PHCOC will use a new hourly billing structure for Core services. Initial consultations for each new project will be provided free of charge, where pricing and deadlines will be further discussed for your individual project. All internal UVA PTAOs may be used for payment. Refer to our price charts for hourly pricing.

Acknowledging the PHCOC

To help demonstrate the importance of the Core, we request:

  • Acknowledgement the support of the Core in all publications (For example: “This research was supported by the UVA Cancer Center’s Population Health and Cancer Outcomes Core.”)  
  • Email citation of any papers published using the resources of the Core  
  • Co-authorship if we make a substantial contribution to your work


Rajesh Balkrishnan, PhD