Putting Our Patients First

At UVA, we're redefining what it means to be an academic medical center. That means caring, researching and teaching with renewed focus and compassion for every patient.

Getting Here
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Find places to stay, visitor guidelines, how to contact a patient, directions and parking and more for your visit or stay.

Patient & Visitor Resources
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You can pay your bill online with MyChart or contact us with your billing, insurance and financial aid questions.

Contact Billing
MyChart: Medical Records
Access medical records via MyChart

Use this free, online tool to renew prescriptions, schedule appointments, pay bills, message doctors and more.

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Choosing UVA For Transplant

As Steve grew sicker, his wife started researching other transplant centers. Diane and Steve both say they felt comfortable the moment they arrived. View Transcript.

Making Connections

Refer a Patient

Referring providers can access information on and get support with:

  • Making referrals
  • Transfer requests
  • Online access to patient records

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Send an eCard

An easy way to perk up a patient or express sympathy, you can send an eCard at any time. To send a free card, just:

  1. Choose a card design
  2. Write a message
  3. Have the card emailed or delivered in person

Send an eCard.


    Support Clinical Care

    Support Patient Care and Research

    Each year, people come to UVA Health System looking for help in an emergency, hope in the treatment of a chronic illness, or healing from serious medical conditions. Private support offers new hope to patients battling some of the most daunting diseases. Donations help make innovative treatments, social support programs and cross-specialty collaboration possible.

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    Healthy Balance

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