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Virtual Care Options

While we're open for in-person appointments, you can also now get virtual care from the convenience of your home, or wherever you are in Virginia. You can schedule your care with your clinic, or get immediate after hours care from a UVA provider.


Schedule your virtual visit

Start an after-hours visit


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With the current visitor restrictions in place, see ways you can still connect with a patient in the hospital.  

Connect With a Patient
couple paying bill online

You can pay your bill online with MyChart or contact us with your billing, insurance and financial aid questions.

Contact Billing
MyChart: Medical Records
Access medical records via MyChart

Use this free, online tool to renew prescriptions, schedule appointments, pay bills, message doctors and more.

Access MyChart

We're Safe, Ready and Open – For You

While many things may be uncertain, your access to world-class care shouldn't be. Whether it’s routine care, elective surgery or specialized expertise, we’re open and ready to see you. As Virginia’s top hospital, we’ve implemented rigorous procedures to ensure you and your family can be treated safely and effectively. View Ready Transcript.

Making Connections

Refer a Patient

Referring providers can access information on and get support with:

  • Making referrals
  • Transfer requests
  • Online access to patient records

Get started.

Send an eCard

An easy way to perk up a patient or express sympathy, you can send an eCard at any time. To send a free card, just:

  1. Choose a card design
  2. Write a message
  3. Have the card emailed or delivered in person

Send an eCard.


    A male coronavirus (COVID-19) patient in a hospital bed, looking out the window.

    Support COVID-19 Patient Care and Providers

    We've created a coronavirus (COVID-19) fund to support the critical needs of our patients, frontline care providers, researchers and staff. Gifts will help us meet the most urgent needs, like caring for patients and providing coronavirus testing, ensuring the health and safety of our frontline team members, and participating in national coronavirus research.

    Make a Gift


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