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Patients & Visitors

When You Visit the Hospital

    To keep you and our healthcare teams safe during the coronavirus outbreak, we've instituted visitor restrictions.

    Outpatient Clinics, Outpatient Procedures & Emergency Department Visits

    • Only one visitor allowed for the length of the visit. Visitors asked to limit arrival and departure from space and practice social distancing.
    • Adult patients with children and no other adult to take children can bring multiple children.

    Please note: Visitors will not be able to remain in the lobby, cafeteria or other waiting rooms, aside from approved exceptions. Visitors should limit movement. If designated visitors need to travel to other areas of the facility (cafeteria, restroom, etc.), they should go and return immediately to room/designated waiting area.

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      Need Help?

      For lodging, parking, transportation or other needs, call Patient & Guest Services at 434.924.3627.

      For questions or problems with patient care, call Patient Representatives at 434.924.8315.

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