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The number of new and effective treatments for cancer continues to grow. This growth depends on people willing to participate in clinical trials. Cancer clinical trials move life-saving medicines from the lab to the clinic. They offer our best hope for finding better treatments.

Cancer Clinical Trials at UVA Health

U.S. News & World Report has ranked our cancer, lung cancer surgery, blood cancer, uterine cancer surgery, and colon cancer surgery services as “high performing,” placing us in the top 10% of cancer centers in the nation. We're also the only cancer center in Virginia listed in Becker’s 100 hospitals and health systems with great oncology programs.

    How Cancer Clinical Trials Differ

    In some clinical trials, people don't get the drug being tested. They get a placebo, which doesn't have anything in it. Cancer clinical trials are different. While you might not get the drug the trial is studying, you’ll get the same treatment your doctor would prescribe anyway.

    The bottom line: You will get treatment, no matter what.

    Clinical Studies Safety

    Ask your doctor all of your questions. Find out what risks you face, as well as the benefits. 

    Know that:

    • Treatments in clinical studies have met rigorous standards and tests in order to be given to humans.
    • You aren't a guinea pig; you only have to be in the trial if you want to.
    • You can leave the trial whenever you want.

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    Cancer & COVID-19

    If you're a cancer patient, you probably have a lot of questions about staying safe during the coronavirus outbreak. Find out about your options for care and prevention in our cancer & coronavirus FAQs.