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At UVA Cancer Center, we deliver advanced patient care combined with the latest research-based treatment options to improve the quality of life for cancer patients in and surrounding Virginia. With state-of-the-art clinics in multiple locations around Virginia and telemedicine programs for rural communities, UVA Cancer Center is one of the most widely-accessible cancer centers in the region.

U.S. News & World Report has ranked UVA the No. 1 hospital in Virginia. Five of our specialties are among the top 50 in the U.S., including our cancer services. 

An NCI-Designated Leader in Academic Research

As one of 70 National Cancer Institute-designated cancer centers, we're part of a renowned group of leaders in cancer research, prevention, detection and treatment. We strive to stay ahead of the curve in innovation and technology that informs our patient care. Discover our cancer research programs.

Stem Cell Transplant Program

In patients with blood disorders such as leukemia, their own stem cells produce abnormal, malfunctioning cells. In a stem cell/bone marrow transplant, healthy stem cells are transplanted to a patient after chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy.

UVA's Stem Cell Transplant Program treats patients with these high-risk and life-threatening blood disorders. Our program has the highest level of accreditation, including Federation for Accreditation of Cell Therapy (FACT) and National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP)/Be The Match Registry approval. Get more information about UVA's Stem Cell Transplant Program.

Palliative Care

Serious illness may require a special kind of care focused on pain relief, symptom management and improving the quality of your life. Along with your care team, UVA's palliative care providers can help you understand your care options and provide a holistic approach that offers emotional support as well as relief from symptoms and side effects. Explore UVA's palliative care services.

For Patients
The UVA Cancer Center team is dedicated to expert and compassionate care

Get access to the latest interventions to diagnose and prevent cancer, as well as a variety of support resources to help you manage treatments, heal and thrive.

See How Clinical Trials Can Help
For Researchers
Our research and clinical trials leads the way in cancer treatment development

We perform more than $55 million in funded research each year. Research spans from basic discovery to translational research to clinical trials and population health.

Join Research at UVA
For Referring Physicians
Expert oncologists and surgeons treat your patients

Referring your patients to the experts at UVA means connecting them to the latest care as you stay informed along the way. 

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A Team Approach to Cancer Care

April had stage four colon cancer. Several doctors from UVA Cancer Center worked together to help her fight the disease. View Transcript.

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At UVA Cancer Center, we’re not just caring for patients with the advanced treatments we have today. We’re continuing to push for what can be — asking the tough questions and pioneering advances that will one day stop cancer in its tracks. You can help us get there.