Cancer Therapeutics Program

Recent advances in cancer biology and cancer immunology have led to a large number of new therapeutic targets and therapies. These provide opportunities for the development of new therapeutic strategies for a wide range of human cancers. Also, failure of some of these therapies raises new questions about how to address therapeutic resistance. 

The goal of the Cancer Therapeutics (CRX) program is to support preclinical science and validation of therapeutic targets leading to investigator-initiated clinical trials for cancer diagnosis, imaging, therapy or survivorship. Our strategies are to move discovery science toward clinical trials and to study human tissues collected during those trials to support new target discovery and improved therapeutics. 

The CRX program incorporates the therapeutic development pipeline into its three aims:

  1. Target and technology validation for cancer therapy, diagnosis and prevention
  2. Preclinical testing of new therapeutics, imaging and biomarkers
  3. Clinical investigation of novel therapeutics, combinations and other interventions

The program is led by Craig Slingluff, MD, a leader in the cancer immunology and immunotherapy and in melanoma clinical trials; Charles Landen, MDan expert in novel therapeutics and chemotherapy resistance in gynecologic cancers; and Kim Kelly, PhD, a biomedical engineer with expertise in biomarker identification and development of molecularly targeted probes as imaging agents for cancer detection and as vehicles for targeted drug delivery.

CRX interacts with the CBIO and CGEN programs to advance their discoveries into preclinical development and clinical translation. Through its activities, CRX fosters collaboration among its members and among members of all the Cancer Center programs, including the CPH program. 

Strengths of the program include an integrated team of investigators studying cancer immunology and immunotherapy, clinical trial specialists with expertise in a wide range of malignancies, statisticians who are leading development of novel clinical trial designs, and a range of collaborative investigators interested in advancing cancer therapeutics, imaging and translational research.

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