Research Team Meetings & Events

We host a variety of research team events and program meetings, such as:

  • Journal Club
  • Translational Research Teams (Lung, Colorectal, Breast, Melanoma)
  • Research Programs (Cancer Biology (CBIO), Molecular Genetics and Epigenetics (GEN), Cancer Therapeutics (CRX), and Cancer Control and Population Health (CPH))

Cancer Research Events

Dec 02 Breast Translational Research Team Meeting

[Zoom Meeting] Presenter/Presentation: TBA

Dec 04 Cancer Immunology Labs Group Meeting

[Zoom] Ileana Mauldin and Mirna Perusina Lanfranca

Dec 10 Molecular Tumor Board

[Zoom Meeting] Presenter/Presentation: TBA

Dec 10 GI Translational Research Meeting

[Zoom Meeting] Presenters: Ray Wadlow, Tim Cannon, and Arthur Winer; Presentation

Dec 11 CRX Program Meeting

[Zoom Meeting] Presenter: John Bushweller, PhD; Presentation: Discuss CBIO program and opportunities for collaboration

Dec 18 Cancer Immunology Labs Group Meeting

[Zoom] Yen Nguyen and Katarzyna Stasiak

Dec 28 Cancelled for holidays- Lung Cancer Translational Research Team Meeting

[Zoom] Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 964 1344 7814 Passcode: 878182