Molecular Assessments and Preclinical Studies (MAPS) Core Facility

The MAPS Core is a cost-effective preclinical research facility with expertise in investigations of human disease models in rodents including cancer investigations, drug testing, and surgical services in rodents. Our services move research projects from the bench or from a patient sample into an in vivo animal model context, thereby enhancing the translation of UVA investigator discoveries into useful knowledge for potential therapeutic applications and making MAPS Core services an integral part of the UVA translational and innovation research initiatives.

In order to meet the animal study needs at the University of Virginia, the considerably experienced and dedicated MAPS Core staff offers Consultation, Animal Use Protocol Support, Project Management, Therapeutic Testing (Treatment Programs, PK and MTD Evaluations), Xenograft Services (subcutaneous, orthotopic, and metastasis), Animal Monitoring, Surgical Services, Assays and Training. In short, we can do all or part of your study for you or we can train you or your technician to do all or part of your study on your own. Bring us your ideas and see how we can help you.

Client Testimonials

"A five star Core..."
J. Thomas Parsons, PhD

"...the service has been excellent,"
David Wotton, PhD

"...invaluable technical expertise and assistance with protocol development..."
Janet Cross, PhD

"The MAPS Core has been instrumental in...our basic and translational investigations of ovarian cancer,"
Amir Jazaeri, MD

Current Trends

New emphasis is placed on the noninvasive detection and measurement of growth and spread of tumors or disease using bioluminescence, PET, or MRI, with the exceptional technical capabilities of the small animal Molecular Imaging Core (MIC).

Flow Cytometry with Mouse Luminex offers a wide range of applications for drug-discovery and diagnostics. For more information contact the UVA FACS Core.

For further details or to discuss a project, contact core director or faculty director .