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Eye Care

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Preserving Your Eyesight

Your eye is a complex and delicate organ, and working on it requires a high level of expertise. Whether you need the removal of a stye or a tumor, you should trust your eyes to the most skilled hands possible.

Even before you notice a loss in your vision, we can diagnose and correct problems, including eye tumors, glaucoma, nerve damage and vision loss.

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UVA Eye Care Services

At UVA, our eye care services include:

  • One of only five neuroophthalmologists in Virginia, making us a primary center for treating optic nerve conditions, brain tumors, nerve palsies and head trauma

  • One of the only practices in the region performing DSAEK, an innovative new cornea transplant method

  • The only facility in Virginia treating ocular melanoma (cancer of the eye)

  • The only place in the area offering the diagnostic electroretinogram, or ERG, to diagnose diseases of the retina

We can address complex issues, from fitting contact lenses for patients with cornea transplants to working with UVA's neurosurgeons to perform gamma knife therapy for brain and eye tumors.

Find out more about treatment options.

Pediatric Eye Care: We accept pediatric patients on a referral basis only. Please talk to your doctor.