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For questions or issues about medical records or forms, contact Health Information Management.

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Using MyChart

View Your Child's Chart

You can view your child's chart, too (or the chart of any person under your care) with proxy access.

Use Your Phone or Tablet

Download the app on your smartphone or tablet: Available on Apple or Android.

Your Healthcare Privacy

We keep your medical records private. Read about HIPAA and our privacy practices.

MyChart Self-Service Tools

With MyChart, you have many ways to manage your health and stay connected to your care team. When you need prescriptions refilled, copies of your scans, or more information, MyChart can help.

MyCharts's self-service tools let you get needed services with little hassle. This table shows some recommended ways of using MyChart:

Use MyChart’s
Self-Service Tools to:

Send a MyChart Message to:

Call Your Care Team If You:

·  Request refills of your prescriptions

·  See your test results

·  Make or change an appointment

·  Ask basic questions about your care plan

·  Ask questions about your test results

·  Send medical photographs

·  Have a rapid change in health or new symptoms not discussed before (in case of emergency, call 911).

·  Need an answer on the same day

·  Need to talk about a detailed or complex issue

How to Find Your Scans in MyChart

You can see, print, and share the images and results of your X-ray, MRI, mammogram, CT and other scans in MyChart.

Find Your Scans in MyChart

  1. Log in.
  2. Under the Health section, go to Test Results
  3. To view imaging results, click on the chest X-ray icon of the scan you want to see. This will bring up the details of your scan, explaining what the scan found.
  4. At the bottom of the screen, click the link to view your scans under PACS Images.  
  5. From here, you can save, print, and share both the images and the report.

Radiation Oncology Records

Get your radiation oncology treatment plans, copies of your imaging (sometimes called DICOM records), and other information by filling out this form (PDF) and emailing it to the address shown on the form.

These are NOT available through MyChart. Completing the form and emailing it is the best way to get these records to share.

Print Copies of Your Medical Records

You have several options.

Use MyChart

You can download copies of your medical records directly through MyChart, using your computer or phone. No waiting or authorization form required. Find the Medical Records tab to get started.

Send Us a Form Request

If you can't use MyChart, you can: 

  1. Download and complete the authorization for release of medical information form (see all forms)
  2. Mail or fax this form: 
  • Mail to:
    • UVA Health
      Release of Information, Health Information Management
      P.O. Box 800476, Charlottesville, VA 22908
  • Fax to: 434.924.2432

The authorization will be valid for 12 months from the date of signature.