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  • For me, it was just a very easy and seamless experience. I would certainly recommend the Uterine Fibroid Clinic.

    Uterine Fibroid Treatment: A Patient’s Story

    Abena Foreman-Trice has a full life between her career and family, including three kids. But several large uterine fibroids began causing major problems, “to the point that it interfered with my quality of life.”

    She met with Dana Redick, MD, at UVA’s Uterine Fibroid Treatment Center. Redick discussed a few options: medication, a non-invasive procedure called focused ultrasound, or a couple of different surgeries.

    Abena decided to have a hysterectomy, or removal of her uterus, partly because she and her husband weren’t planning to have more children.

    “The care was wonderful,” she says. “There was a lot of communication. I was very informed.”

    Watch Abena’s story.

  • To have someone tell you, this is not going to be a problem, we can fix this, we can make this better. That was such a relief.

    A Baby Born Without Thumbs

    Connor's parents did not expect to have a baby born without thumbs. They also did not expect to find someone who could give Connor new ones.

    Yet, just two weeks after Connor was born with this congenital deformity, Bobby Chhabra, MD, gave them hope. And Connor now plays like any other child.

    Watch this amazing story.

  • Dialysis is not a death sentence. You can have a good quality of life; you just have to know how to take care of yourself.

    Living With It: Chronic Kidney Disease

    For Drew Thomas, a kidney transplant would have meant, not only respite from his chronic kidney disease, but relief from the vigilance required for living with a chronic condition. The constant effort to stay well takes its toll as you pay constant attention to your health, monitor your food intake and go for dialysis treatments several times a week.

    After two failed kidney transplants, a third try was not in the cards. Thomas had to face a future living with the disease he had hoped to leave behind.

    Some might have felt bleak. How Thomas handled this situation proved noteworthy.


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