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Advance Directives

Make Healthcare Decisions

You can make decisions now about your healthcare in the future. You can choose:

  • To research options: Talk to your health providers, lawyers, hospital social workers, religious counsel or hospital chaplains, all of whom can help you weigh considerations
  • A plan of care: Your wishes for care based on your health, experiences and values
  • An agent: Who can make healthcare decisions for you should you become too sick or injured to make them for yourself 

Express Your Wishes

Share your preferences and choices with:

  • Loved ones
  • Healthcare providers
  • Your agent

Make Your Choices Legal

You have the legal right to complete an advance directive form, which then serves as validation of your healthcare wishes.

To ensure the legality and use of the form:

  • Sign and date the form
  • Have two witnesses
  • Provide a copy to your healthcare provider or hospital

Note: You may revoke or change your advance directive at any time. 

Advance Directive Forms

You can use either of the following two forms: 

  • The short, two-page form provides some basic information and allows you to name an agent, granting all the powers listed 
  • The long, four-page form (PDF) offers more detail and allows you to specify the powers you wish to grant your agent 

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