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Brain Tumors

Experience with Brain Tumors

Brain tumors account for a very small percentage of all cancers, so most doctors aren’t very familiar with them. But the doctors at our Neuro-Oncology Center only see patients with brain tumors, and they’re up to date on standard and investigational treatments. Advanced brain tumor, brain cancer and spinal tumor treatment at the UVA Neuro-Oncology Center

Brain Tumor Treatment

As a UVA brain tumor patient, you’ll benefit from some of the most advanced treatments available for brain tumors, including glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) and spinal cord tumors.

Our treatments include:

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Brain Tumor Clinical Trials

Our doctors are constantly working to improve outcomes for patients with research into new medications and treatments. Patients with inoperable brain tumors or tumors that aren’t responding to standard treatments may be interested in participating in clinical trials.

Deciding whether or not to participate in a clinical trial can be challenging for patients and their families. Remember that the decision is always up to you.

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Get a Second Opinion About Your Brain Tumor

Not sure about your diagnosis or treatment plan? Our expert doctors offer second opinions either in person here at UVA or via mail.

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Our Neuro-Oncology Center: A Team Approach

At UVA, we believe in offering our patients and their families advanced brain tumor treatments within a coordinated, team-based approach that’s dedicated to maximizing your quality of life. Our team — which includes surgeons, cancer specialists, social workers, nutritionists and more — meets regularly to discuss each patient’s care plan and improve patient care.

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