Two neurosurgeons using IMRIS to make sure they removed all of the affected brain tissue.

IMRIS Therapy Suite

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The powerful imaging of our IMRIS™ therapy suite allows neurosurgeons to:

  • Instantly evaluate the success of brain tumor removal while in the operating room
  • Better position deep-brain stimulators for movement disorders
  • Shave vital minutes off treatment times for stroke patients 

The IMRIS suite combines magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with biplane angiography (captures X-rays of arteries and blood flow) for targeted, image-guided treatment. 

In the past, neurosurgeons had to wait until after a surgery to see if they had removed the entire tumor — if not, they would have to perform a second surgery.

With IMRIS, real-time MRI scans give neurosurgeons the chance to check their work right away and remove all of the affected brain tissue during a single surgery.