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Primary Care

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Primary Care Homepage: Our primary care doctors take care of the general health needs of adults, seniors and children. We do regular check-ups, immunizations and screenings and provide care for illnesses and injuries.

Primary Care Providers

Your primary care provider — or PCP — is your main healthcare provider for non-emergency situations.

UVA's primary care providers take care of the general healthcare needs of children, adults and seniors. We do regular check-ups, immunizations and screenings and provide care for illnesses and injuries. And we'll coordinate your care if you need to see a specialist for a more serious health issue.

Primary Care Landing Page

Convenient Locations in Central Virginia

You don't have to go to the hospital to see a UVA primary care provider.

We offer convenient care in communities throughout Central Virginia. Easy parking, same-day appointments and a hassle-free and friendly atmosphere.

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Complete Healthcare for You and Your Family

When you choose a UVA primary care provider, you don’t just get excellent care and personal attention. You also get:

  • Convenient access to specialists and our hospital
  • The most technologically advanced care in Central Virginia
  • Treatments and procedures from the latest research breakthroughs

MyChart: Your Electronic Medical Record

MyChart is an electronic medical record. It lets you and your primary care provider see all your records and tests in one place: your annual exam, cholesterol test, mammogram, colonoscopy and more.

If you go to a specialist like a cardiologist or a physical therapist, that specialist can see your chart, too.

MyChart makes it simple for you to communicate with your healthcare team and for multiple UVA doctors to work together and provide you with the best — and most efficient — care possible. And you can even ask for an appointment online.

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