Knee Replacement Surgery

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A morning on the golf course. A stroll along the beach. A visit to a museum with your grandchild. These are all moments that move us. And yet, the knee pain that comes with advanced osteoarthritis can make them impossible to enjoy.

If physical therapy and other treatment options have failed to alleviate your knee pain, it might be time to consider knee replacement surgery. UVA Health is home to orthopedic surgeons who have earned the highest possible rating from U.S. News & World Report. They, along with the rest of our surgical team, have the expertise and commitment to deliver a truly personalized experience and optimal results.

Count on UVA Health to get you back to the moments that move you. Schedule an appointment with our team today.

Why Choose Us

  • Our state-of-the-art UVA Health Orthopedic Center Ivy Road combines orthopedic services, imaging, physical therapy, rehab care, and pharmacy services under one roof for a seamless care experience.
  • Our team is at the forefront of surgical orthopedic innovations and provides the most advanced care, including high-tech robotics and same-day procedures.
  • Our team works with you to develop your personalized care plan to improve your knee replacement surgery experience and get you home as soon as possible.
  • We use a special process, Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS®), to speed your recovery and lessen your need for pain medications.
  • We conduct pioneering, nationally recognized research on improving patient outcomes for common knee issues such as arthritis, cartilage damage, and deformity.

Is it Time for a Knee Replacement?

Orthopedic surgeon James Browne, MD, explains when you should consider this knee replacement. View knee replacement transcript.