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You want to make the right choices about where you receive your care. This requires knowing how much that care will cost. But you're not alone if you find healthcare pricing and insurance coverage confusing.

We're committed to providing the information you need to make healthcare decisions you feel good about.

COVID-19 Testing Prices

These prices are effective July 1, 2021 and are in accordance with the CARES Act. The high throughput test is the most common test we use. 

If you have health insurance, we’ll charge your insurance company:

  • High throughput – $110
  • Low throughput – $62
  • Antibody test – $47
  • Rapid antigen test – $42

Without insurance, the tests cost:

  • High throughput – $66
  • Low throughput – $37.20
  • Antibody test – $28.20
  • Rapid antigen test – $25.20

If we provide other tests and screenings at the same time of your COVID-19 test, your total bill will be different.

View Common Price Estimates

You can view a list of commonly requested price estimates. These prices only estimate what you will owe. You can expect different charges on your final bill. 

Prices do not include:

  • Doctor fees
  • Anesthesia
  • Supplies
  • Medications

These prices are effective July 1, 2021.

View the price list of common procedures and services.

Get a Personal Price Estimate

Get an individualized, out-of-pocket cost estimate. It's the best way to understand the price you'll have to pay after insurance.

Ask us for a price estimate now.

Create a Price Estimate Yourself

You can also use our estimate tool in MyChart to create a personalized price estimate yourself. You can create an estimate either through your MyChart account or as a MyChart guest.

We don't yet have all of our services included in this tool. Check back often, as we're always adding services.

Create a price estimate yourself using MyChart.

Compare Prices in Virginia

The Virginia PricePoint online tool gives you free and simple access to hospital pricing in Virginia. You can get a detailed report about a the price of a procedure at a single hospital or compare several hospital prices.

Compare prices: Use the hospital price tool now.

Understanding Healthcare Prices Guide

Paying for Healthcare 101

Find free, comprehensive guides on everything you need to know about paying for healthcare, insurance issues and asking the right questions.  

Read the guides now
Lists of Price Estimates

To help you understand how much you may owe for a service we provide, we provide lists of estimated prices. Note that these estimates do not represent how much you will owe on your final bill.

You can view these prices in two ways: 

  • Grouped by condition/treatment category
  • Listed by item

Prices Grouped by Category

This list allows you to view prices for specific conditions and inpatient procedures. The Diagnosis-Related Group (DRG) Estimate listing provides the median historical case rates for the last year for UVA Health only.

This does not include other expenses, such as for:

  • Doctors
  • Rehabilitation
  • Home health services
  • Other pre- and post-operative care 

The final bill you receive will include charges for actual services provided to you. You're responsible for any additional charges.

This list of prices can be misleading. The listed prices almost never match the actual prices or the amount you will owe.

View prices by category (PDF) or open category list in a CSV file (csv)

Prices Listed by Item

The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) requires hospitals to make standard prices for the items and services they provide available to patients.

The term "standard prices" can be misleading. They almost never match the actual costs or the amount you will owe.

How to Read the Standard Price List

You should read this list of standard prices (also called a "chargemaster") as a list of single, individualized items. Your care may include many of these items combined together. 

Prices are valid as of July 1, 2021.

View the list of standard prices by item (PDF) or see item list in a CSV file (csv).

View the list of Medicare Advantage (or Managed Medicare) and Managed Medicaid negotiated payment rates for:

Prices of Provider Services

In addition to the hospital charges listed above, you're responsible for paying the doctors and other providers who perform services and procedures.

You can see how much providers charge for performing medical services. These prices reflect estimates provided by the University Physicians Group.  

View the list of prices for procedures by providers (PDF) procedure prices in a CSV file (csv)

Still have questions? See our price and cost FAQs.

Financial aid services help patients pay for healthcare services

Need Help Paying for Care?

We can help you find financial aid to cover your medical expenses. Our financial aid services are free.

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