Joint Pain & Osteoarthritis

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Osteoarthritis — the most common form of arthritis — can cause everything from small aches to grating joint pain. And that can get in the way of enjoying moments big and small.

While damage to the joints can't be cured, the symptoms of osteoarthritis can be managed. The experts at UVA Health are here to help.

At our state-of-the-art UVA Health Orthopedic Center brings together radiologists, orthopedic specialists and technology to identify the causes of your joint pain. An X-ray or MRI can detect cartilage damage and reveal whether you have osteoarthritis or another form of arthritis, like rheumatoid arthritis.

Once they make a diagnosis, our orthopedic specialists will take the time to understand how osteoarthritis is affecting you. Then they will develop a treatment plan to help you move as easily and comfortably as possible.

If various treatment options don't relieve your joint pain or get you back to the moments that move you, joint replacement surgery might be the answer. 

Wear & Tear

Osteoarthritis is a “wear-and-tear” form of arthritis. Over time, simple tasks become painful. Orthopedic surgeon James Browne, MD, explains your treatment options at UVA. View osteoarthritis transcript.