18-40 year old non-smokers with asthma and/or allergies wanted for a cold study

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Larry Borish
Kristin Wavell Shifflett
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Screening Protocol of Asthmatic, Allergic Rhinitic, or Control Participants for Experimental Rhinovirus Challenges
Study Description

The Division of Asthma, Allergy, and Immunology is seeking adults aged 18 to 40 with mild allergic asthma and/or environmental allergies for common cold studies.

The purpose of this study is to screen people to determine eligibility for another study in which is looking at how the immune system responds after being exposed to an experimental cold virus.

Screening consists of up to three visits to determine if you are eligible to participate:

The first screening involves learning about the study, signing a consent form, completing a questionnaire, and giving a blood sample. Participants will receive $30 for completing Screening Visit 1.
A second visit will be scheduled a week after Visit 1 for those who qualify. This visit will include allergy skin testing, 2-3 lung function (breathing) tests, a blood draw, and urine pregnancy test (if you are a female capable of having children). Results from the allergy testing and breathing tests will be shared with you. Participants will be paid $20-$40 for the second visit, depending on what tests are conducted.
A third visit will be scheduled if the first two screening visits show that you are eligible for the experimental rhinovirus challenge study AND more than 28 days have passed between Screening Visit 2 and entry into that study. You will have a repeat blood draw at Visit 3 to make sure you have not developed immunity to the cold virus that is being used for the rhinovirus challenge. Participants will be paid $10 for the third visit.

Based on screening results, those who qualify will be invited to enroll in a study about asthma and the common cold. Participants will be given an experimental cold virus and requires 8 study visits over a period of 21 to 42 days. Compensation will be provided for the cold study. Please see the Clinical Trials website ad for 19512 for more information.

Please contact us at 434-924-6874 or asthma@virginia.edu if you think you qualify for screening.


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