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We’re glad you chose UVA Health for care. We're committed to giving you the care and support you need, no matter your financial situation.

Each year, we help thousands of patients find solutions to their billing issues.

Billing Questions? Get Answers & Support

If you’re having trouble understanding or paying your bill, we’re here to help.

Call us for help with:

  • Understanding your medical bill
  • Finding out what your insurance pays
  • Applying for financial aid
  • Setting up the best payment plan for your budget

Our financial aid services are free and confidential. Call us at 866.320.9659.

Can I Get Financial Aid from UVA Health?

We look at many things when deciding who gets aid and how much. We use a sliding scale based on:

  • If you have insurance
  • Assets - the total value of what you own, including bank and retirement accounts, home, car, etc.
  • Income - how much money you make a year
  • Number of people in your household

Find out what you’ll need to qualify.

We currently offer flexible, interest-free payment plans. Contact us about setting one up.

Helping Pay for Care You Need

It’s important to know that our help continues after you leave our hospital or clinics. And when it's time to pay your bill, we'll work with you to make sure your payment options are fair and flexible:

  • We've updated our billing and financial aid policy. We based these changes on billing and financial aid practices at similar hospitals. We've also included input from the local community.
  • We're creating a special Ombudsman's office that will review individual cases. They'll help you understand your payment options and help reach a fair payment solution if you have financial issues. 
  • We're expanding our financial aid options for cases of emergency care without insurance.

Financial Aid for Emergency Care

We know accidents and emergencies happen. On top of that stress, a sudden bill can strain your budget.

That’s why we have financial aid for catastrophic care. If you get emergency care, you may qualify for a reduced bill if:

  • You don't have insurance or other ways of paying
  • Your care costs more than $10,000
  • Your care is eligible for this type of aid

We calculate the amount you owe based on your family's finances. With this aid, you won't owe more than 25% of your family income and assets.

Financial Aid Policies for Northern Virginia & Culpeper Locations

This policy applies to patient care at these locations:

  • UVA Health Culpeper Medical Center (CPMC)
  • UVA Health Haymarket Medical Center (HAMC)
  • UVA Health Prince William Medical Center (PWMC)
  • UVACH Medical Group
  • UVA Health Cancer Center Gainesville

See the Culpeper and Northern Virginia-specific financial aid policy and financial aid summary

En español: Consulte la política de ayuda financiera de Culpeper y del norte de Virginia y el resumen de ayuda financiera (PDF).

Need to see if a provider participates in our financial aid program? Check by location:

Get Help From Other Sources


You can apply for Medicaid at the Virginia Department of Social Services.

You can also contact your local social services:

Family Access to Medical Insurance Security Plan (FAMIS)

FAMIS makes health insurance available to children under the age of 20 who don't have other insurance and don't qualify for Medicaid or FAMIS Plus (Medicaid for Children). FAMIS is funded by the state and federal government.

Find out more about FAMIS and FAMIS Plus.

Financial Help for Pap Smears & Mammograms

Women who qualify can get help paying for preventative screenings. To get started, fill out the Every Woman's Life Screening Questionnaire. You can also call 434.243.6415 or email for info.

Financial Help for Cancer Patients

We can help you learn more about your costs, connect you with drug assistance programs and help you apply for financial aid for your cancer care.

We also offer special services that lower the costs of mammography.

Financial Aid for Transplant Patients

Organ transplantation involves taking medication for the rest of your life. There are many programs to help you pay for your organ transplant.

Questions About Financial Aid?