Woman on phone while in hospital bed

How to Contact a Patient

Virtual Patient Visit

Use your personal phone or tablet to connect with a patient through video, voice chat or text.

To do so:

  • Pick an app you and the patient feel comfortable using. You and the patient must use the same one. Options include Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger.
  • Patient must connect to the free hospital Wi-Fi.
  • Agree on a time to meet and connect over the web.

Hospital staff can help patients connect to Wi-Fi and set up a virtual visit. There are also a very limited number of devices available for patients who may not have one.

How to Call a Patient

To check on a patient, ask for their room directly:

Send Mail to a Patient

We receive deliveries to inpatient units on weekdays. For patient safety, we permit only Mylar (not latex) balloons. After a patient leaves the hospital, we will forward mail to the address given.

Mail the medical center with patient's unit and room number.

Send an eCard

You can also select a card to be printed and hand-delivered. Send a free card.