Adults with Metastatic Melanoma to a Single Lymph Node Planning to Undergo Surgery are Invited to Participate in a Research Study.

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Principal Investigator
Craig L Slingluff
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Official Trial Title
Lymph Node Excision (LNEx) for Patients with Stage III Melanoma with One Clinically Positive Node: Excision of Lymph Node Trial [EXCILYNT]
Study Description

The UVA Cancer Center is enrolling patients with stage III melanoma that has spread to one lymph node in the armpit, hip, or groin to a clinical research study. Patients with this type of cancer usually undergo surgery to remove all the lymph nodes in the affected area. This type of surgery is known as a TLND (therapeutic lymph node dissection).

In this research study, participants will have surgery to remove only the cancerous node (known as a lymph node excision). The researchers want to learn about the likelihood of the cancer returning in the same area as the surgery site. Participants will be followed by their provider according to standard clinical practice. Participants will also be asked to complete surveys about their quality of life at various time points before and after surgery.

Participants will be asked to have lab work completed to look for evidence of tumor markers in their blood, evidence of immune responses to their tumor, and to perform genetic sequencing of their tumor. In addition, participants will be asked to provide samples of their blood and tumor tissue for research. Blood samples will be collected before and after surgery. Tissue samples will be collected at the time of surgery, which will be performed as part of clinical care for the management of the disease.

Study-related procedures, including but not limited to the analysis of the blood and tissue samples will be provided at no cost.

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