Coronavirus Induced Metabolic Dysregulation

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Boris Kovatchev
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Study of Coronavirus Induced Metabolic Dysregulation
Study Description

Dr. Rita Basu and her team at the University of Virginia, Endocrinology seek Adults, Women, Men and Adolescents ages 15-55 normal weight and overweight people without diabetes who previously either tested positive for COVID-19 or not tested positive for COVID-19 and are vaccinated or unvaccinated for COVID – 19 for a research study.

The purpose of the study is to understand whether infection with COVID-19 increases the long-term risk of developing diabetes

The Study involves visits to the Fontaine Research Park:
Lab draws, urine test and physical examination; 3-4 visits total.
Meals provided for all visits.
Flexible weekend schedule.

Participants for this study will not be billed for tests and procedures
Compensation for study completion is $1050 ( $350/each visit)
If interested in participating, please contact:


$1050 ( $350/each visit)