Have you been bitten by a tick or stung by a bee fewer than five days ago?

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Principal Investigator
Thomas A Platts-Mills
Lisa Workman
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Tick Bites and Bee Stings: Histology and Serological Response
Study Description

The UVA Allergy Research Lab is investigating the role of tick bites or bee stings in the development of mammalian food allergy (also known as alpha-gal allergy or red meat allergy).

You may be eligible if:
* you are 18 years or older
* your bite/sting is less than five days old
* your bite/sting is on your arm, leg, or torso (we won’t biopsy sites that are not easy to access)
* ideally, you can provide a photo of the tick that bit you (or save the tick between pieces of Scotch tape and bring it with you). This may not be required for eligibility but is very helpful to our study.

Qualifying volunteers will be asked to:
1. Complete an eligibility screening
2. Sign a consent form
3. Complete a questionnaire about your allergic status and history of tick bites
4. Have a blood draw (maximum volume drawn is ~3 ½ tablespoons)
5. Have two skin biopsies (each ~4 mm in diameter)
6. Return for a second visit in ~ 1 month for an additional blood draw
7. Optional return for third visit, at six months, for an additional blood draw and questionnaire
8. Optional return for fourth visit, at one year, for an additional blood draw and questionnaire
Volunteers who complete items 1 through 6 will be paid $200. Those who complete items 7 and 8 will be paid an additional $100.

For more information, contact the UVA Allergy Research Lab at 982-3958 and ask about the “tick and skin research study”.


up to $300