Have you had an itchy tick bite in the past year?

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Principal Investigator
Thomas A Platts-Mills
Matthew MacCallum
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Official Trial Title
Tick Bites and Bee Stings: Histology and Serological Response
Study Description

The UVA Allergy Research Lab is investigating the role of tick bites in clinical symptoms and immunologic markers and how they change over time.

You may be eligible if:
* you are 18 years or older
* you have had a self-described “itchy” tick bite or bites within the past year
* you have the ability to return over the course of the study for follow-up visits

Qualifying volunteers will be asked to:
1. Complete an eligibility screening
2. Sign a consent form
3. Complete a questionnaire about your medical, diet, and tick bite history.
4. Have a blood draw (maximum volume drawn is ~3 ½ tablespoons)
5. Return for a second visit in ~ 1 month for an additional blood draw and questionnaire
6. Come in for follow up visits every 6-12 months for an additional blood draw and questionnaire at each visit for up to 5 years (these visits are encouraged but not mandatory).
7.In the event of a recent tick bite or bee sting, there is potential for 2 optional skin biopsies (each ~4 mm in diameter)

For more information, contact the UVA Allergy Research Lab at 434-243-8094 and ask about the “tick and skin research study”.


$50 per visit. Additional compensation is provided if biopsies are carried out.