Research Study for healthy adults with a risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease

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Carol A Manning
Kimberlee Meegan
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The use of memantine for prevention of Alzheimer's Disease.
Study Description

We are currently recruiting healthy adults for a research study on the prevention of Alzheimer's Disease (AD).
The study will take place over 2 years and require participants to take an investigational medication every day.
During the two years we will collect information about your medical history, family history, cognitive status and
We will also collect images of your brain and collect blood to determine if you have a genetic risk factor for AD.

We are looking for participants who are:
Between the ages 57-62 years old
Have a family history of Dementia or Alzheimer's


Up to $700. $50 for each in-person visit, plus $25 for PET/MRI scans at beginning and end of the study.