A Trial of Radiation Therapy for Adult Women with Early Stage Endometrial Cancer

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Principal Investigator
Kara D Romano
Songserea Wood
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Official Trial Title
A Preference Option Randomized Design Trial of Two Standard Dose Fractionation Regimens for Adjuvant Vaginal Brachytherapy in Early Stage Endometrial Cancer
Study Description

The Department of Radiation Oncology seeks women ages 18 and older with early stages of endometrial cancer for a research study. The purpose of the study is to compare two standard of care treatments for endometrial cancer on side effects, including those related to sexual dysfunction.

You may be eligible for this study if you have been diagnosed with early stage endometrial cancer and plan on receiving Vaginal Cuff Brachytherapy treatments after a hysterectomy to treat your cancer.

This study involves receiving brachytherapy with either 3 or 6 treatments twice weekly and completing questionnaires on sexual function. A 10-15 minute follow up phone call will occur three months after completing your brachytherapy treatments. Clinic follow ups will occur 1 year and 2 year after radiation treatment.

Study-related questionnaires will be provided at no cost.


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