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Jaideep Kapur, MD

Jaideep Kapur, MD

Practice Area: Neurosciences & Behavioral Health Department: Neurology Division: General Neurology Appointment Title: Professor of Neurology ABMS Certification: Neurology, 1994; EEG and Clinical Neurophysiology, 1996;Epilepsy, 2014

Contact Information

P.O. Box 800394 Charlottesville, VA 22908-0394 Phone: 434.924.5401 | Fax: 434.982.0606 Other Locations:
Adult Epilepsy Clinic
Pediatric Neurology and Epilepsy Clinic


Jaideep Kapur M.B.B.S., PhD, is the Eugene Meyer III Professor of Neuroscience, Professor of Neurology & Director of Neuroscience Center of Excellence at the University of Virginia School of Medicine.

Dr. Kapur provides care to epilepsy patients as a member of FE Dreifuss Comprehensive Epilepsy Program at the University of Virginia and serves as the Director of Neuroscience Center of Excellence. Dr. Kapur has a long-standing interest in understanding the neurobiological mechanisms underlying prolonged self-sustaining seizures, called status epilepticus. His laboratory studies rapid plasticity of GABA and glutamate-mediated neurotransmission. Another area of research is regulation of seizures by hormonal fluctuations. Grants from National Institutes of Health, Epilepsy Foundation, CURE epilepsy foundation and the Department of Defense support his research.

He has served on numerous grant review panels for National Institutes of Health, CURE Epilepsy foundation, Epilepsy Foundation and Epilepsy Research Foundation. He served as the President of the American Epilepsy Society in 2010.