Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones, MD

General Neurology Appointment
Primary Location:
Adult Neurology Clinic

4th Floor

1221 Lee St.

Charlottesville, VA 22903

Secondary Locations:


Research Interests:

Quality of life measures in myasthenia gravis

Clinical Practice:
ALS, BPPV, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Myasthenia Gravis, Seizure Disorder, Muscular Dystrophy, Peripheral Nerve Surgery, Electromyography (EMG), Guillain-Barré Syndrome, Neurology Services, Chemodenervation/Botulinum Toxin, Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease


Assistant Professor

Sarah M. Jones, MD, is board-certified in neurology and clinical neurophysiology. She treats conditions of the peripheral and central nervous systems and diseases that affect muscle, including myasthenia gravis, peripheral neuropathy, muscular dystrophy, seizures, vertigo, migraine and more.

Born in a small village in upstate New York, Jones was the oldest of six children and took her time deciding on a career path. She received a Bachelor of Arts in dance and a degree in biology from Cornell University before pursuing a career in medicine. During medical school at the State University of New York in New York City, she worked in the hospital where her father and grandfather were born. When it was time to choose a residency program, she opted to head south in pursuit of warmer weather and a slower pace of life. With a strong work ethic and advanced skill set, she found the University of Virginia to be a perfect fit. She was charmed by the people at UVA and the city of Charlottesville.                                                                                                     

After completing her fellowship in neurophysiology in 2014, Jones began her tenure as a general neurologist with a focus on neurophysiology and neuromuscular medicine. She provides Botox treatments for patients with a diagnosis of chronic migraine. She is now the department’s Muscular Dystrophy Association director, and she excels working among highly trained professionals in this multidisciplinary clinic. She enjoys collaborating with colleagues at other institutions on research studies focused on myasthenia gravis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and muscular dystrophies.

Outside of work, Jones makes family a priority and enjoys hiking, Pilates, dance and mountain biking. She finds time to contribute to the local community whenever possible. Jones volunteers with the Charlottesville Free Clinic and has traveled to Haiti with Christian groups to provide free medical care. She and her family also volunteer at their local church and have been active members of the Charlottesville Area Mountain Bike Club (CAMBC), which maintains most of the local trails around Charlottesville, including several sections of the Rivanna River Trail.

  • 2013, 2012 UVA Neurology Residency Citizenship Award


SUNY Downstate 2009
University of Virginia