Pay a Bill for Visits Before July 1, 2017

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For visits before July 1, 2017, you may receive two bills:

  1. One from the Medical Center
  2. One from the UVA Physicians Group 

Medical Center Billing Before July 1, 2017

Medical Center bills include services like lab work, X-rays or surgery.

You can:

University of Virginia Medical Center
P.O. Box 530272
Atlanta, GA 30353-0272 

UVA Physicians Group Billing Before July 1, 2017

UVA Physicians Group bills represent services provided by UVA healthcare providers.

You can:

University Health System
PO Box 743977
Atlanta, GA 30374

What Changed?

We launched a new billing system in July of 2017 that includes a new patient statement that is easier to understand.

What healthcare services are included on my new UVA Health statement?

Charges for care you received at most UVA Health locations on or after July 1, 2017, are now combined on one bill. These include UVA Medical Center, UVA physician clinics and lab services.

What healthcare services are not included on my new UVA Health statement?

Bills for visits prior to July 1, 2017 will continue to be billed separately using the old statement format. Please continue to pay these bills. You also may receive separate bills from UVA Imaging, Community Medicine, Health South or Continuum Home Health.

Why am I still receiving other billing statements in the old format?

We appreciate your patience as we transition to our new billing system. You will continue to receive statements for visits before July 1. These will include statements from UVA Health and University Physicians Group. Please continue to pay these bills as you normally would.

What care services will be reflected on the new UVA Health statement?

Your new consolidated statement will include any care received after July 1, 2017 at most UVA Health locations including: UVA Medical Center and our physician practices and lab sites. Again, please remember that you may continue to receive separate billing statements for care provided prior to July 1.