InterStim® Therapy for Urinary Control

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This minimally invasive, two-staged treatment can help those with urge incontinence and voiding dysfunction (inability to empty the bladder). The Interstim device, which is similar to a pacemaker, is also approved by the FDA for bowel leakage.

Trial of InterStim® Therapy

Your doctor inserts a thin, flexible wire into your anus where the sacral spinal nerve is located near the tailbone. Your doctor attaches the wire to an external test stimulator that can be worn on a waistband. This device, which can fit into the palm of your hand, causes sacral nerve stimulation to help the bladder, sphincter and pelvic floor muscles to work more effectively together.

During the two-week trial period, you can adjust the intensity of the current until you find the right balance between an overactive and inactive bladder.

Long-term InterStim® Therapy

If you experience a 50 percent or more improvement in your bladder function during the trial, you may qualify for an outpatient procedure to place a neurostimulator under your skin in the upper buttock. The neurostimulator connects to a wire that sends mild electrical pulses to the sacral nerves to continue to help with your urine incontinence issues.