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Community Health Grant Program

Cville Walks with Heart walkers. Photo Credit: UVA Cancer Center Outreach

We aim to meet the health needs of current and future patients by investing in and partnering with organizations that address the health needs of the community.

Grant Recipients 2018

View the list of organizations with whom we're partnering this year.

Who We Support

We support charitable organizations and programs that are able to demonstrate impact in at least one of the four community health improvement priority areas outlined in MAPP2Health:

  1. Promote healthy eating and active living
  2. Address mental health and substance use issues
  3. Improve health disparities and increase access to care
  4. Foster a healthy and connected community 

If you are not already familiar with the health improvement plan, please review it before starting your application.


Eligible organizations include registered nonprofits and government agencies. Faith-based organizations, sports teams/clubs, political or partisan organizations and private businesses are not eligible.

Evaluation Criteria

The UVAHS Community Relations Coalition will evaluate grant applications based on:

  • How well the request reflects the mission of the health system
  • Alignment with the community health improvement plan priority areas
  • Demonstration of community partnerships, collaboration and program impact
  • Opportunities for UVAHS team members to engage in the work

The Review Process

The Community Relations Coalition Steering Committee reviews and makes initial grant approval recommendations. The Community Relations Coalition reviews these recommendations and sends final selections to UVA Health System executive leadership for approval.

Application Requirements

For all grant applications, the application form must be submitted and the following documents attached: 

  • A copy of your tax-exempt status determination letter from the Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service 
  • A list of the organization's board of directors (or the governing body) and their affiliations
  • List of other funding sources to which this proposal has been submitted
  • The organization's current annual operating budget and most recent audited financial statement (or IRS Form 990 if an audit is not performed)
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